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Benghazi: Arabic-Language Media Implicates Egypt's Fallen Muslim Brotherhood Regime

Masress, another Arab source, presents further evidence:

Ansar Al-Sharia Egypt has been assigned to threaten and kill. On its webpage, they published a list of high-profile individuals they promised to assassinate in Egypt in December, 2012. The threats include significant leaders Dr. Mohamed El Baradei and Amr Moussa. This, according to Ansar Al-Sharia Facebook page, is in response to the call by Ayman Zawahiri of al-Qaeda in which they posted his letter.

Another name appearing in the Libyan intelligence document is Safwat Hijazy, who closely connects to Mursi. He was identified by the six members of Ansar al-Sharia Egypt as playing a role in sparking the attacks in Cairo. Hijazy was credited with launching Mursi’s presidential campaign last year.

The attacks on American embassies were sparked in Egypt by Al-Nas TV, whose owner is also identified in the document. Multiple Arabic sources corroborate the document; Libyan intelligence chief Salem Al-Nahasi visited Cairo, reportedly (here, here, herehere, and here) carrying with him evidence and documents that implicate the leaders of the Guidance Bureau, especially Mohammed Mursi, Mahmoud Ezzat, deputy leader Essam, and Jihad Al-Haddad, in the assassination of U.S. diplomats in Libya.

Ahmed Abu Khattala was a commander with the group that attacked the Benghazi compound. He had also been a leader in the group charged with protecting the compound.

Witnesses said they saw vehicles with the Ansar Al-Sharia logo at the scene of the attack, and that Ansar al-Sharia commander Ahmed Abu Khattala was present. Khattala was once the leader of Al-Jarrah Brigade, which formed the February 17 Martyrs Brigade.

While the U.S. is chasing after which group to blame, it becomes obvious that names are simply terror tactics.


The experts who insist that the Benghazi attacks were carried out by jihadi stragglers who belong to the Jamal Abu Ahmad network don't tell you how Ansar al-Sharia Egypt or the Muslim Brotherhood there were involved.


Identifying terrorist groups we entrusted to protect our diplomatic post in Benghazi is an admission that the Obama administration put the fox in charge of the henhouse; Ansar al-Sharia Egypt, along with its Libyan branch, members of the February 17 Martyrs Brigade, and LIFG were all very likely involved in the Benghazi attacks. This admission would also destroy the U.S. foreign policy reputation, as giving al-Qaeda the ability to rename and supervise its operations helped plunge the region into chaos.

Meanwhile, U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) were in Egypt calling for the release of Muslim Brotherhood prisoners, and State Department spokesman Jen Psaki said that Mursi should be released. The State Department continues to work toward giving Muslim Brotherhood leaders a role in any future Egyptian government.