Benghazi and the Lust for Power

One immediate consequence of the bombing was that Monica Lewinsky was immediately removed from the news cycle.

So, in order to win the presidency, would President Obama let Americans perish to maintain a campaign fiction that al-Qaeda died with Osama bin Laden and was no longer a threat to our security?  Is Obama, in his lust for power, of the same moral stature as candidate Bill Clinton, who manipulated the execution of a mentally deficient Ricky Ray Rector in order to appear tough on capital punishment and make Gennifer Flowers disappear from the news?  Is Obama, in his lust for power, indistinguishable from President Clinton, who was willing to get Monica Lewinsky out of the news cycle by bombing Serbia. From what we already seem to know, the answer is a resounding yes.

During the Watergate scandal, the nation was saved by Barry Goldwater, the conscience of the Senate, a man whose integrity was unquestioned.  Nixon was willing to dig in his heels and fight impeachment, but Goldwater thought of nation instead of party and persuaded Nixon to spare the country a national crisis.  Goldwater told Nixon that for the benefit of the country it was time to go.

Does the Democratic Party have a person with the stature and integrity of a Barry Goldwater who will tell Obama that it is time to go, that abandoning scores of Americans to terrorists for political gain and covering it up is not what America is about?  I doubt that.

The tragedy of Benghazi is about to be compounded by witnessing how callous this administration is when it comes to sacrificing life for power. As CBS and CNN have gotten out of the tank for Obama and are starting to ask penetrating questions of the administration, it is only a matter of time before American journalists start acting once again like journalists.  And when that happens, the cover-up is seriously going to unravel and make Watergate look relatively insignificant. It is time for Obama to spare the nation a crisis and to depart. Of course, he is not going to do it.