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Before Talking About Gun Control, First Learn Something About Guns!

The so-called “plastic pistol” was never anything other than a myth, but that didn’t keep Congress from passing the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988, and reinstating it again in 2003. The law itself is a case study in ignorant media and politicians feeding off one another’s paranoia. It was brought about by misreporting of the then-new Glock 17, a polymer-framer pistol that nevertheless was always composed of a substantial amount of steel, particularly the barrel and slide. No plastic pistols ever existed outside of fantasy, but it didn’t keep Congress from banning them, or of bragging about their success in eradicating something that never existed.

Likewise, it is absurd for Creamer and virtually everyone else in the media to claim that large caliber machine guns have been banned. It would no doubt shock them to discover that belt-fed .30-caliber and .50-caliber anti-aircraft machine guns are a staple of machine-gun shoots that take place every year in the more freedom-loving states of the union. This video, from the 2005 “Big Sandy” machine-gun shoot, is an example of an event that even provided remote-controlled flying targets for anti-aircraft gunners.

Likewise, the so-called “assault weapons ban” of 1994 was only successful in banning “assault weapons” because gun-banners and legislators created the term.

Contrary to the assertions by Creamer, the majority of the media, and even ignorant senators, the law did not in any way address fully automatic weapons. Not one. It did ban a list of firearms by name. It also declared that firearms that bore more than two features on an arbitrary list of cosmetic features could not be sold. Thus, a firearm such as the much demonized TEC-9 pistol was back on the market the day the ban went into effect as the AB-10 (AB being the snarkily chosen “after ban”), with some of those cosmetic features changed or removed and with absolutely no change in rate of fire, accuracy, lethality, or any other characteristic that could casually be lumped under the catch-all of firepower.

Let me shout this to make it perfectly clear: the 1994 assault weapons ban was a farce.