Before Talking About Gun Control, First Learn Something About Guns!

If you read a few lines of Robert Creamer’s latest contribution to the Huffington Post, you’ll get a good idea of why we can’t have a real discussion about gun laws in this nation:

Our laws currently ban guns made of plastic, because they cannot be identified by metal detectors.

There are very few Americans who would support repealing our current laws banning guns on commercial aircraft.

For many years we have banned personal possession of large caliber machine guns -- including those that could bring down airplanes.

In 1994, Congress and the president passed a bipartisan assault weapons ban that outlawed private possession or sale of specific types of fully automatic and semi-automatic weapons whose principle uses are to kill people in war or by police forces. That bill also banned the possession and sale of high-volume magazines of the sort that allowed Jared Lee Loughner, the accused Tucson killer, to fire thirty-one shots in rapid succession before stopping to reload. That bill sunset in 2004, and the Republican Congress and Bush administration refused to extend its provisions.

Had it still been in effect it would have been likely that Loughner -- who bought the magazines legally -- would have had to reload after firing off only ten rounds, which was the maximum magazine capacity under the assault weapons ban. Since nineteen people were killed or injured, that would have prevented the death or injury of at least another nine human beings.

“A political organizer and strategist for four decades” according to his author’s bio, you might think Creamer -- the husband of a congresswoman -- might know something about the law. Shockingly, every comment he’s made exposes the vast amount of ignorance policy-makers have regarding firearms -- both real and imagined.