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Miss California Carrie Prejean's Odyssey: Not Very Pretty

Ms. Prejean clarified the relationship in a June 12 interview with Fox News' Neil Cavuto. She claimed that Keith Lewis "had never accepted me." She argued that she'd been "smeared" for speaking the truth and standing up for her values. She said she was being attacked for her beliefs and her religious convictions. This is a "test for America," she told Cavuto. "Tolerance needs to be a two-way street." She also questioned why "political questions" became part of the pageant competition, and she challenged the selection criteria for the panel of judges. And these are fair questions. Shanna Moakler, who was then-co-director to Keith Lewis for Miss California USA, essentially admitted that a gay loyalty oath was required of contest participants, and that the judges had a responsibility to select winning contestants with the "right" views, rather than those with, say, superior skills or standards of honesty. According to Ms. Moakler, Ms. Prejean:

lost the crown because she wasn't able to convey compassion for ALL the people that as MISS USA she would be representing ... and if YOU like it or not, gays and lesbians make up this country as well. THIS is why we have judges so they can find the RIGHT woman who obtains these qualities ... they are crucial in my eyes when holding a honor and title as big as being Miss USA. The panel of judges was qualified and did their job, they represented all of us, men, woman, black, white, gay and straight.

Given this kind of top-level thinking, it's not surprising that Ms. Prejean became exasperated in her dealings with the Miss USA organization.

Carrie Prejean is the radical left's worst nightmare. Attractive, honest, and well-spoken, she articulates the traditional values on gay marriage that are found repeatedly in public opinion polling. Americans respect the rights of minorities while affirming a majoritarian consensus on the foundations of society in heterosexual marriage. As a result, leftists cheered the firing of Ms. Prejean this week. Michael Musto, at the Village Voice, was ecstatic:

I'm thrilled about this turn of events -- it's poetic justice -- though now poor Carrie has no crown, no blouse, no integrity, and no f**king mind!!! And she's not nice!!!

Just think: All that, and plus some, for a young woman who answered a question honestly!

It's by now cliche to note the intensity of our political polarization. But in the commonplace of social division, Carrie Prejean has demonstrated the majesty, maturity, and poise of a true queen. As she noted in her statement upon being stripped of her crown:

I am proud to be an American, and blessed to have had the opportunity to exercise my freedom of speech. I am excited and looking forward to where God leads me in the future. I know He has big plans for me. I am proud to be the strong woman God has molded me to be. I will always stand for the truth, respectfully, and never back down.

Carrie Prejean now plans to write a book about her experiences. And she may very well find a career in television broadcasting (having already hosted a guest episode on Fox News). But in the end, whatever may come, Carrie Prejean will be remembered for upholding honor and truth -- and those are the "right" values for any future contestant seeking the Miss USA crown.