BBC, True to Form, Twists Headline and Teaser Against Israel

We should be used to it by now, but this latest example of the BBC's habitual anti-Israel bias in its reporting is just so blatant that it shouldn't go by unnoticed.

As you know by now, what actually happened earlier today is that Palestinian terrorists snuck into southern Israel via Egypt and murdered 8 people and injured at least 25; hours afterward, Israel responded against terror cells in Gaza killing some of the men responsible for the attack.

So, if you were a headline writer for the BBC, how would you summarize the day's events?

Here's how:

"Israel pounds Gaza after attacks

The Israeli military carries out air strikes over the Gaza Strip following a deadly

series of attacks on vehicles in southern Israel."

Notice how (as always happens at the BBC) the response to a terror attack is highlighted and featured above any mention of the original attack itself. In this way, they can portray the victim as the aggressor. And in this case, the BBC doubles down -- no, make that triples down -- by purposely characterizing the terror attack that caused the death of 8 human beings as an attack on "vehicles," with no mention of human victims at all; furthermore, the BBC makes very sure not to mention exactly who attacked the "vehicles." For all we know, it could have been the Israelis attacking the vehicles too.

At this time of this writing the headline is still visible on the BBC News page, but they update it frequently, so it may be gone by the time you click the link. I took the screenshot above to immortalize yet another example of the BBC's dastardliness.