BBC Persia: Mouthpiece of the Mullahs?

The narrator concludes that the screening of Iranium and the warm reception it has received from Republicans could be a sign of strong actions against the Iranian regime in the coming months.

It is quite strange that BBC Persia has provided such biased coverage, which can only be interpreted as appeasement of the Islamic regime in Iran -- it carried the same line of criticism and allegations that the regime itself voices! It is also strange that the BBC reporter introduces the film by making sure that the audience knows the director is an Israeli, and a Jew.

Why did the BBC avoid mentioning the human rights violations of the savage regime in Iran or its terrorist activities over the last thirty years, which have been vividly shown in this documentary and documented in history? Why did it not address the consequences of a nuclear bomb in the hands of a messianic regime which has no respect for humanity, freedom, and democracy? And why would anyone play down the potential dangers of such a regime acquiring the ultimate weapon of mass destruction?

Is BBC Persia a mouthpiece of the Islamic regime in Iran?