BBC Persia: Mouthpiece of the Mullahs?

The movie Iranium premiered on February 8, and has made a lot of noise since then. First, the Iranian Embassy in Canada tried to prevent it from being shown. Then Islamic thugs threatened the organizers. Then the Iranian Foreign Ministry released a statement saying the documentary shows Western countries will do anything to hurt Iran’s nuclear activities. Quite clearly, the Islamic regime is fearful of this documentary, which vividly reveals the truth of Iran’s three decades of terrorism, human rights violations, and the dangers of nuclear arms in the hands of the radicals ruling Iran.

However, BBC Persia, in its recent coverage of the movie, has topped Iran’s own PR attempts.

BBC Persia began their coverage by introducing Iranium’s director, Alex Traiman, as an Israeli who resides in a Jewish city in the West Bank -- rather than refer to the state of Israel. Then, BBC described the production company, Clarion, as the one that previously produced Radical Islam’s War Against the West, and subsequently was accused of “Islamophobia.”

BBC Persia then described two of the film’s interviewees -- John Bolton and Kenneth Timmerman -- as men famous for promoting war against Iran. BBC Persia then interviewed people known for their activities promoting appeasement of the mullahs in Iran. These subjects further trashed the movie, claiming it is a product of warmongers and neocons who only want war with Iran.

The BBC Persia narrator claimed that those criticizing the movie say it is full of exaggerations, and further say it has rewritten history to include claims of Iran’s connection to the 9/11 attack, wrong translations of Ayatollah Khomeini’s statements (it is quite clear that Khomeini has said to shed blood for Islam), and claims that over one hundred thousand political prisoners have been killed by the Iranian regime since the Revolution.

The BBC then interviewed someone who claimed to be one of the leaders of Green Movement. He objected to the movie and invited the public to join him on his Facebook page -- this Facebook page’s members attack America and Israel, and voice the same slogans that are often heard coming from Islamic thugs.