Barry Honey, Let's Do Talk About Jobs

The Daily Caller detailed five such job-killing stimulus projects in August of 2010 – the same summer which you and your press minions simultaneously hailed as “the Summer of Recovery.” Well, it wasn’t for small businesses in the path of your big-government steamroller in Tennessee or Wisconsin or Utah or California or Ohio. No, Barry honey, recovery summer was an Obummer summer in many states where the incompetent hands of your big-government “solutions” set up shop.

In every one of the job-killing “stimulus” projects cited by The Daily Caller,  a few union jobs may have been “saved or created,” but small business owners were paying the price of big-government stupidity.  Traffic suddenly rerouted or closed down altogether put real Americans out of jobs while union bosses laughed all the way to the bank.

In reality, many jobs were killed by the “stimulus,” but the signs were pretty. They should have been. They cost us aggrieved American taxpayers a pretty penny. According to a DOT figure submitted to ABC News upon request, it was estimated that states spent about five million dollars on those signs alone. Five million dollars, honey!  On signs that were so reminiscent of your own campaign logo that Republicans were demanding an investigation.

ABC News determined that a single sign touting “The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act” on improvements to a runway at Dulles International cost $10,000. Ten thousand dollars for a sign. Just a sign. The whole runway-improvement project cost American taxpayers $15 million and created a piddling 17 jobs. Now no one but the village idiot touts that with a ten thousand dollar sign, honey.

The utter waste and stupidity in that Mother-Load Stimulus bill was so egregious that they prompted Senators Coburn and McCain to write a whole detailed report on some of them, which they called Summertime Blues. Now admittedly, Barry honey, Coburn and McCain are Republicans, but the “stimulus” projects they highlighted ought to cause even an agitating community organizer like you to blush with shame.

My personal favorite taxpayer-gouge from the Summertime Blues report was the one where big-government dupes gave nearly $2 million to the California Academy of Sciences to send researchers (aka government-paid tourists) to the Southwest Indian Ocean Islands and east Africa to photograph and catalog “exotic” ants, some of which will no doubt be extinct by the time this research “stimulates” the American economy.

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