Barney Frank: A Cowardly Hater

Despite stiff competition, Representative Barney Frank may be the most incompetent and corrupt member of Congress. His failed romance with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac helped bring about the current mortgage crisis and fiasco. Moreover, he has never acknowledged guilt or displayed shame regarding anything he has done.

Indeed, based on the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee's public utterances one would never suspect that he is to clueless politicians what Mexico is to responsible government. In a recent interview with the website (which gratefully illustrates that one can be gay for more than a mere 364 days), Rep. Frank maligned Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia as a "homophobe."

Specifically, he said, "I wouldn't want it to go to the United States Supreme Court now because that homophobe Antonin Scalia has too many votes on this current court." No justification was provided for this slur at the time. Certainly, "homophobe" is not the first or last descriptor that comes to mind in regards to one of the nation's most brilliant judicial minds, but considering that the congressman's pontifications involved the viability of gay marriage -- a subject near and dear to him -- his ad hominem accurately represents the idols of our age.

Such a flippant and illogical term exemplifies PC-speak. Rep. Frank has a long history of cowardice and mindless aggression in regards to his ideological foes. Identity politics are his trademark and last fall he even suggested that racism was the force behind those who questioned the wisdom of passing the Community Reinvestment Act thirty years ago.

Sadly, some folks deem political correctness passé in 2009 but they are very wrong. In Obamamerica, cultural Marxism thrives and replicates like never before. The reason we hear so little about it in the news is a product of the massive victory of political correctness over traditional communication.

Nowadays the average person is so busy tailoring their speech to meet the fraudulent mandates of "sensitivity" that they no longer have the will to state what they really think, even though PC's tyrannical impositions are antithetical to real sensitivity.

Fueling this sterile and arbitrary vernacular is the need to exclude others from the arena of legitimate debate. It's a method by which the irrational can silence the rational. Disagreeing with a PCnik like Frank is verboten. We must respect his diversity but should we publicize our own we are dismissed as "haters."

Practitioners of PC hope to humiliate and paralyze critics via personal attacks, which duly confuse impartial observers and cause the subject of their ire to self-censor in the future. You become the issue rather than the facts you cite. After negatively assessing your psychological motivations and mental stability, your accuser -- often a person completely debilitated by narcissism and a perpetual need for emotional stimulation -- is relieved of any burden of having to defend his own spurious positions.

Luckily for the Democratic Party, the children of the PC revolution rarely devour their own. When anti-liberals accidentally emit politically incorrect phrases they never inspire media outrage because in the Manichean world of the leftist only good and bad exist. Party affiliation determines moral worth in their eyes.

Unlike with conservative politicians, progressive (re: regressive) journalists reflexively support progressive pols. They allow their leaders to explain themselves and depict shaky confessions as sincere or pretend that such mistakes only matter to the Fox News Channel.