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Barack Obama, the Great Bystander

It's hard to improve on this paragraph by Jim Geraghty, from today's Morning Jolt.

Obama didn't know the IRS was targeting conservatives until he read it in the papers. He didn't know about "Fast and Furious" until he read it in the papers, too. He has "complete confidence" in Holder, and didn't know about the decision to collect the phone records of reporters.  He didn't know about the investigation into CIA director David Petraeus's affair.  He told Letterman during the election he didn't know what the national debt was. He didn't know about the AIG bonuses in the TARP legislation. He said he didn't know how bad the economic crisis was when he took office.

That "empty chair" metaphor from the Republican convention was so out of line, huh?

He also didn't know what the IRS, OSHA, ATF and FBI were doing to persecute Catherine Engelbrecht and still doesn't know of anyone who should really and truly be fired, in an "actual real" way, for any of what's going on anywhere in his own administration.

Funny thing, though. I seem to recall a time when news broke that Obama hadn't met with his jobs council in a month of Sundays. When the papers finally reached the White House and the bystander had to explain the lack of meetings -- at a time when the unemployment rate remained stubbornly high, as it is now -- this was the reason the American people were given.

CARNEY: Blah blah blah wah wah word salad wah wah doublespeak blah blah The president has got a lot on his plate.

It is true, that every year around March the president is very busy checking and re-checking the vital signs of a minimum of 64 separate and distinct entities across this great land. He undertakes this painstaking work so that he can fill out his NCAA March Madness bracket. But other than that one time of year, just what is on this pretender's plate?