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Bain Mutiny: Obama Loses Deval Patrick?

The first mate has just threatened to plank the captain of the SS Obama.

MA Gov. Deval Patrick has joined Ed Rendell, Cory Booker, Harold Ford and Mark Warner in defending Bain Capital, former lair of Mitt Romney, the Mormon "vampire."

To clean up the language of the vice president, this is a big flippin' deal.

Deval Patrick is Barack Obama's forerunner, the prophet who came before The One, speaking the poetic lines written for both by huckster David Axelrod. For Patrick to say that Bain is "not a bad company" is pretty close to him disavowing hope and change itself. Among other things, Patrick is going to have to find a new speechwriter.

Add to the list of ways to know that the Bain attacks aren't working: Only Jim Clyburn and Joe Biden are still on board with it. Everyone else has figured out that it's worse than a waste of time.