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B4U-Act’s Rogue’s Gallery

He goes on to say this:

My organization is not going to say to offend.

I am a BL without regret and will always be a BL without regret. My life as a bl has been terrific. No one could ever make me say otherwise. This is even considering that I spent time in prison.

Our line in the sand has historically defeated us. We need to think about a new one.

These comments were posted around the same time B4U-ACT had their first meeting with these mental health professionals. The “BL” above stands for “boy lover” which is how pedophiles that target boys refer to themselves. Ones who target girls refer to themselves online as “girl lovers” or “GLs.”

Melsheimer appeared nowhere in public without Dr. Fred Berlin, who as it turned out was Melsheimer’s therapist. Berlin continues to be affiliated with Melsheimer’s group and was featured at this most recent conference.  The Daily Caller points out that in the 1990s Berlin was in trouble with the Maryland authorities because he refused to alert law enforcement when child molesters under his care were actively abusing children. He is also a well-known and vocal opponent of sex offender notification laws. What is less well known about Fred Berlin is that he was, for decades, the expert the Catholic Church relied on for advice on how to deal with pedophile priests.

In a 2008 deposition by Archbishop Emeritus Rembert G. Weakland we learn that Berlin counseled the Church to not defrock pedophile priests. He claimed it would be better to keep the priest around for the Church to monitor, something he claimed society at large wouldn’t do. Odd, since thirty years later he is lobbying against monitoring sex offenders. In a 2006 Forbes article, Berlin said this about efforts to monitor sex offenders:

"We've basically dehumanized these people with words such as 'predator,'" said psychiatrist Fred Berlin, founder of the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Clinic in Baltimore.

"Every decent human being wants to protect children," he said, but even suggesting that criminals who have done their time are entitled to rebuild their lives can tarnish a politician.

"It's close to heresy," Berlin said.

Heretical indeed. His two contradictory positions both lead to the same end -- protecting the child molester from the consequences of his criminality. Berlin told Church authorities that throwing out pedophile priests would endanger the community at large because the pedophiles need monitoring -- yet here he claims that pedophiles shouldn’t be monitored and don’t pose enough of a threat to society to merit keeping a database.

It’s no wonder Berlin is B4U-ACT’s favorite “mental health professional” since his ultimate goal seems to be using his position to decriminalize sexual abuse of children -- a tactic he tried in court when he was called as a defense witness for 76-year-old Charles Friedlander. A fellow “mental health professional,” Friedlander was caught in a sting by Tampa area police who arranged a fake meeting with a man who was willing to let Friedlander beat and rape his 11-year-old son. Though he wrote at length about his desire to beat little boys and discussed raping the decoy’s child, Friedlander was diagnosed by Berlin as NOT being either a pedophile or sado-masochist. He therefore, according to Berlin, was just engaging in “fantasy” on the Internet and was never going to abuse a child. The court did not accept this defense.