Avery: Are Politics Realigning for a Non-Warming Planet? (PJM Exclusive)

As the Copenhagen climate conference tirelessly discusses the “evidence of climate change,” it also asserts the need for massive energy taxes and energy “rationing” to prevent still more climate disruption.

That’s a bait-and-switch tactic. The discussion has never been about the planet’s historically variable climate. It’s always been whether humans caused climate change.

To date, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has never offered any evidence of a “human fingerprint” on the modest (0.5 degrees Celsius) warming that occurred between the 1850s end of the Little Ice Age and 1940. They haven’t even given us a convincing story about the 0.2 degree Celsius warming that occurred from 1940 to 1998 (part of that tiny warming has disappeared). James Hansen’s predictions of massive overheating, given to the Senate in 1988, have been overtaken by a quiet sun and a telling drop in global ocean temperatures.

The public has noticed there’s been none of the long-predicted runaway warming -- or any warming at all since 1998. They’re reading the Climategate emails of the “consensus scientists” confessing they don’t know why warming stopped. That’s a huge confession.

The public cares less and less for tired scare stories of a parboiled planet.

Are the world’s political parties now suddenly realigning on the basis of non-warming? Have global warming taxes become the Greens' defining moment?

Australia’s Senate has just thrown out its long-time Liberal (conservative) leader, Malcolm Turnbull. He’d agreed with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that Australia should suppress greenhouse emissions. In his place, the Liberals elected conservative Tony Abbott, who has often called man-made warming a fad. He knows heavy fossil fuel taxes would penalize the coal that provides Australia’s electricity and much of its exports.

The Senate immediately rejected Rudd’s cherished cap-and-trade plan, and Rudd may now have to call a snap Australian national election.