Avatar Is Heaven for America Haters

Much has been written about the movie Avatar, but I think I have a unique perspective, inasmuch as I write from the region of the world Bat Ye’or calls “Eurabia” and the city Melanie Phillips has dubbed “Londonistan.”

I have seen the film twice now and can categorically report that it is a vicious polemic against the United States and a blatant hate-fest against the brave men and women who serve in the United States Marine Corps. It is also an invitation to worldwide terrorists -- not just Muslim radicals but anyone and everyone who hates that “Great Satan,” the USA -- to take up arms and defeat America at all costs.

Am I overreacting? Well, here is why I have come to this conclusion: Right from the start the figure of the commander is a stereotype of the ruthless Marine who will eat his grandmother for breakfast. He has no regard for the Na’vi people depicted in the movie and cares not a jot if they are annihilated and their habitat is destroyed. What I find objectionable about this scenario is that it generates an atmosphere throughout the film of bias: that the graceful, simple Na’vi are the victims of a brutal American assault and that they ought to try to kill every last one of the Marines. You may say, “Well, can you blame them if their habitat is being napalmed?” Many will say they cannot be blamed. But what disturbs me about James Cameron’s scenario is that his depictions of most Americans are of a species of humanity so extreme and so vile that other nations and peoples should take up arms against them.

Evidently Canadian Cameron is a liberal who does not wish to take into account the good the United States does in the world. He wants only to see the worst of the nation. He reminds me of the British journalist Polly Toynbee, who on a recent BBC television broadcast condemned the American Constitution as a “disaster.” She portrayed the current American Congress and Senate as a kind of mass dictatorship, which was bizarre coming from her, as she is such a left-winger. Getting back to Cameron: he sees the United States as an agent of pure evil, and except for the characters of the scientist (Sigourney Weaver) and the Marine (Sam Worthington) who falls in love with a Na’vi lady, they are all despicable murderers.