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Available Today: A New E-Book on Southern Culture and History from PJ Media

PJ Media is pleased to announce the launch of our latest e-book, Football, Faith, and Flannery O’Connor: A Love Letter to the South by popular contributor Chris Queen. Buy your copy now by clicking here!

Take a journey down the “backbone of the South,” and learn about the small towns and quirky customs that can only be found off the beaten path. Your guide is Chris Queen, a Georgia native who uses his family’s annual road trip from Atlanta to Disney World as the frame story for a walk through Southern history and culture.

The South, Queen beautifully illustrates in this book, is a diverse and vibrant region teeming with innovation, community spirit, and cultural offerings. Whether you’re new to all the South has to offer, or you’re a fan of the South looking for a sentimental tour of everything you already love, Football, Faith, and Flannery O’Connor is a humorous, insightful, and entertaining glimpse into a vibrant and diverse region.

"Chris takes you on a journey through southern heritage and culture -- giving you a glimpse of why we, southerners, are the way we are. From our love of football and God -- to the state fairgrounds and mama's kitchen or granddad's farm, he does a phenomenal job of breaking down the stereotypes and explaining the true hearts of wonderful, well-meaning southern folk. I found myself smiling in agreement reading nearly every page. If you grew up in the south -- you will definitely be able to relate. If you've never understood southerners or our culture, this is a must read. You will gain a better understanding and appreciation of your fellow, southern Americans."

-- Ainsley Earhardt, FOX News Channel, Anchor/Correspondent

Get your copy of Football, Faith, and Flannery O’Connor: A Love Letter to the South by Chris Queen today!