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Auto Industry Proposes Nationwide Emissions Standard

Automakers strive for economic viability. Here’s how a little bit of common sense and a lot of innovation can power the auto industry of tomorrow.

First, a frank assessment of the facts: no matter which way you look at it, we’re headed for a low-carbon economy. Most consumers seem aware that gas prices will not always be this low, energy security is an increasingly important strategic concern, and technological progress is opening incredible new opportunities.

It’s obvious that we must innovate, to ride the wave rather than be crushed by it. The changes happening now are a big demarcation line between the past and the future of the auto industry. So now is a time for looking forward. It’s foresight and innovation that will allow us to profit, to create and preserve jobs, and to make the auto industry a dynamic, efficient part of the economy again.

The automakers are committed to getting new technologies out on the road. We’re rolling out new technologies and cars all the time, and many more are already being developed in our laboratories. But R&D takes time. Right now, we have people working on products for 2015. We have to think at least that far ahead. That’s the nature of the industry.