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Aurora: Love Will Prevail

God is love, and as Jesus reveals in the Bible, the greatest commandment is to love one another because love heals. Love is the engine that instills true dignity into the human race. In this time of the Aurora tragedy, the healing power of love will prevail.

America and Americans are familiar with this edict. Through many failings, America and Americans have risen to higher ground by embracing the innate goodness of righteousness and love. This has been the inherited blessing of the American people -- seeking the truth, the light, and the right thing to do, which is enveloped in the principle of love.

Arising out of the ashes of sorrow of the massacre in Aurora are stories of bravery and brotherhood. God does not create evil, but God is there in the midst of evil. Why there is evil, we do not know. We do know that love is the saving grace -- the grace that is manifested by God’s love and our love for one another.

This attribute has kept and keeps America virtuous. We come together when times get tough.

As the families of the victims walk through the valley of the shadow of death, may we aid in their recovery with prayers for their healing. May we honor them by exhibiting that same healing power of love in our everyday lives. May we seek to live, and leave, a legacy that reflects such beauty.