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Audacity: Ground Zero Mosque Developers Apply for $5M in U.S. Taxpayer Money

Andrew Cuomo, the Democrat candidate and eventual winner of the governor’s race, tried to hedge the issue with a “no contest” approach, saying he neither supported the Ground Zero mosque nor opposed it. Using the purely legal argument employed by both Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama, Cuomo pointed to the “religious freedom” rights of all Americans. As attorney general of New York, prior to winning the gubernatorial contest this year,  Cuomo was beseeched by New Yorkers to investigate the proposed funding of the mosque. And despite polling that showed 70% of New York’s citizens supported such an investigation to root out terror-network ties, Cuomo refused, saying such a probe of a religious project could set a “terrible, dangerous precedent.”

Well, now that issue will apparently be moot. If our own federal government bestows $5 million confiscated from the citizenry by taxation to the Ground Zero mosque developers, no investigation will be necessary. The seed money for the monument to the killers over the graves of their victims will be completely transparent. Bravo, big government.