Attention Conservatives: Nice Guys Do Finish Last

Next, from Mr. Graham:

Conservatives don’t like it when conservative activists behave like liberals: ... It’s one thing for conservatives to have (Ann) Coulter come as rousing entertainment at CPAC. Coulter’s acerbic honesty provides many conservatives with a vicarious thrill. But how well would a movement full of Ann Coulter wannabes do? It would be a disaster. Conservatives who are not political activists — particularly devoutly religious people — are going to be turned off from engaging in the process. If they begin to perceive a movement that is hateful and spiteful, they’ll back away from it, because it doesn’t represent how they see themselves. The media has done its level best to create the perception that conservatives are hateful. The last thing conservative activists need to do is provide assistance.

First of all, thank God for Ann Coulter. I may not agree with every single thing she's said, but I agree with 95% of it. If I may paraphrase what Lincoln said of Ulysses S. Grant, "The conservative movement cannot spare this woman; she fights!"

Everybody in the conservative movement does not have to be an Ann Coulter, which is fortunate, because few people have her biting wit, talent, or fearlessness. But we need people who aren't afraid to go for the throats of our political enemies.

As to the perception that we're hateful, a lot of Republicans need to get something through their heads: as long as you disagree with the Left on anything, they are going to call you hateful. They're going to accuse you of hating black people, Hispanics, gays, women, and the poor. Then, to top it all off, they'll say you want the sick and the old to die in the streets. Just look at John McCain. The man spent eight years savagely attacking his own side to get in the good graces of the liberals in the mainstream media and they loved him for it -- until the moment he became the Republican nominee. Then he instantly "changed" and became an unprincipled, senile old bigot, just like every other Republican they've ever seen. So Republicans need to stop engaging in the fantasy that they're ever going to win over the mainstream media. They may applaud for a moment, as long as you're doing something helpful to their cause or hurting your own. But in the end, you're just another damn, dirty Republican to them.

Additionally, it's worth noting that Ann Coulter is the single most popular conservative columnist in America. Also, while there may be a few Christians turned off by the Right fighting hard for them, most Christians I know are sick and tired of bending over so far backwards that their backs are nearly touching the ground -- and they are demeaned, defamed, and pushed around as a result.

Here's more from Mr. Graham:

Conservatives look lame behaving like liberals: ... Liberals receive training in obnoxious activism techniques and even receive scholarships and fellowships to hone their “craft.” When it comes to distasteful and disrespectful protest techniques, liberals are rock stars, while conservatives are amateurs performing on Karaoke machines. In Rules for Radicals, Alinsky said, “Never go outside the expertise of your people,” because it results in confusion and lack of confidence. And this is exactly why conservatives shouldn’t try to copy liberal incivility.

Really? The 18-year-old college students blocking conservatives from speaking at campuses are trained Alinsky radicals? I'm not so sure that's correct. Moreover, it doesn't seem like such a good idea to "never go outside the expertise of your people." Just to name one example, had we adopted that idea as a movement, there certainly wouldn't have been any tea parties. Some people might disagree, but those events seem to have come off quite well and appear to hold a lot of promise. Furthermore, the best way to learn just about anything outside of brain surgery or rocket science is to do it. The more experience you get, the better you get at it. This applies to most things in life including political protest tactics.

Last but not least, here's Mr. Graham's closing point:

Conservatives face media bias: Another tactic Hawkins suggests is unleashing the opposition research machines on journalists. So let’s say we dig up some dirt on Maureen Dowd. Who exactly is going to report it? Certainly not the mainstream media — and probably not even Fox News. Best case scenario? The story ends up getting play on WorldNetDaily and conservative radio. ...

This Hawkins tactic is likely to backfire. While disrupting speakers and digging up dirt on political non-combatants may work for left-wing groups, the media will call conservatives out on these tactics. They’ll point to interrupting speakers as an act of incivility, and they’ll say the assault on journalists threatens to undermine the freedom of the press.

In addition, on campuses, liberals usually have the administration behind them and the administration will, more often than not, ignore acts that are illegal, disruptive, or uncivil. Thus college campuses encourage liberal political thuggery. Seizing a stage while a conservative is speaking is ultimately an act of political intimidation against every conservative on campus. The same will not be allowed to happen with conservative thuggery. It will be dealt with harshly as criminal trespass and as an attempt to stifle free speech.

The Left certainly has much more media firepower than us. However, that has been the case for as long as any of us have been alive. Yet somehow conservatives keep finding ways to win elections. Perhaps that's because the American people are smarter than we give them credit for and many of them realize that MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, etc., might not be splitting it as perfectly down the middle as they claim.

Moreover, the Right is slowly but surely narrowing the media gap. For example, WorldNetDaily -- which Mr. Graham disparagingly mentions -- gets more traffic than the Associated Press and the top seven conservative talk radio hosts alone reach more than 60 million people a week combined.

As to the Left calling "conservatives out on these tactics," that is the point. When they are hit with their own tactics they will holler "unfair" as long and loud as they can. Then they will be forced to either openly advocate two sets of standards -- one for conservatives and one for liberals -- or they will be forced to accept a set of standards both sides will adhere to in the future. Both outcomes serves our interests.

Last but not least, look back on the last few years. George Bush promised a "new tone" and he delivered it. He probably took more unjustified abuse, slander, and hatred without complaint than any other man in American history. Then we had John McCain, who ran such an unfailingly polite campaign that it made conservatives want to pull their hair out. The result? Bush left office with a 25% approval rating and John McCain was easily defeated by a political novice completely unqualified to be president. How well did "being nice" work out for them?

If "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results," then aren't we crazy to keep standing by while the Left targets conservative women, college students, and our spokesman, while we pat ourselves on the back for being "better than they are" because we let them do it?