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Atheists vs. Islamists in Melbourne, Australia: the video

On April 13, a group of Islamists in traditional Muslim garb showed up outside the Melbourne Convention Centre in Australia to protest the Global Atheist Convention.

The atheists, unafraid of confrontation, poured out of the conference to counter-protest the Islamists.

Luckily, the whole thing was captured on video for your entertainment:

Until recently, atheists seem to have mostly defined themselves in opposition to Christianity, but Christopher Hitchens opened a new front in the atheists' battlefield, making it now OK to challenge Islam as well.

It could be that this scene is more than just a humorous bagatelle, but is instead a preview of the coming global conflict — not between Muslims and Christians, as everyone has long assumed, but between Muslims and secularists.

More scenes of the confrontation can be viewed here.

(And for those who prefer the traditional enemies butting heads, a Christian group posted their own long video of a separate incident in which they preached to the attendees; unlike the Islamists, the Australian Christians at least had a sense of humor about the whole thing.)