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ATF Whistleblower: Gunwalker Officials Being Shielded

Speaking of those responsible for the initial authorization, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review asked:

Who thought allowing illegal gun sales was a good idea in the first place?

Framed by the newspaper as "the question" that matters, it should be asked as a series of more pointed questions:

Who authorized Operation Fast and Furious (and any similar gunwalking operations) in the Department of Justice? Who in the Department of Homeland Security? Who in the Treasury Department (the IRS was involved)? Who in the State Department?

If State was not notified of Operation Fast and Furious (and any similar gunwalking operations), who had the authority to run this campaign without State's knowledge?

If Operation Fast and Furious (and any similar gunwalking operations) did not originate within these departments with the authorization of their department heads, where did it originate?

Elsewhere, it was another brutal week for the Obama administration regarding the Gunwalker scandal. Weapons from the plot were identified in eleven more violent crimes in Arizona and Texas. Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich took aim at Acting ATF Director Ken Melson, stating that Melson knew of Operation Fast and Furious almost from the beginning. Melson previously claimed he only found out about the walking of guns after the program was shut down.

And Cornyn also demanded that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder immediately brief his office regarding allegations that gunwalking operations similar to Operation Fast and Furious may have been run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in his state:

I write to express my deep concerns regarding press reports of an ATF "gun-walking" program that allegedly operated in the state of Texas. I request that the Department of Justice immediately brief my office regarding the scope and details of any past or present ATF "gun-walking" programs operated in the state of Texas.

PJMedia discussed the evidence pointing to the possibility of a gunwalking operation in both the Dallas Field Operations area and the Houston Field Operations area more than a month ago. To date, neither the DOJ nor the ATF has been willing to confirm or deny the existence of the alleged programs in Texas, even though guns from an alleged Texas gunwalking operation were used in a cartel ambush that murdered Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agent Jaime Zapata and severely wounded ICE Agent Victor Avila.

Senator Cornyn's request puts the attorney general, the ATF, the DOJ, and the White House in an unsettling position. If Operation Fast and Furious in Arizona is not an isolated incident, as evidence suggests, then the probability that this plot was orchestrated from the highest levels of the Obama administration increases dramatically.