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At The Brink: Dr. John Lott Defines America's Calamity

Regular readers here doubtless know the crock of lies underlying the gun control cause and may find some of Dr. Lott’s chapter three not terribly surprising: still, it is useful to have this chapter documenting so much of the history and dishonesty of Operation Fast & Furious. This is especially useful as so much of the mainstream news media chose to ignore or whitewash the Obama administration’s actions.

At The Brink is pleasantly readable: while some of Dr. Lott’s earlier books could cause a well-educated reader to wish he had recently taken introductory statistics, Dr. Lott has made sure this is clear for a non-technical audience -- without “dumbing down” the material.

Increasingly, America is divided into warring political camps, one of which will dismiss At The Brink because it criticizes the Obamessiah while the other will celebrate its blunt criticism. But there is an even more important and destructive divide going on: between those who read serious books (including people on both sides of the political divide) and the large majority of low-information voters. How much impact can an important book on public policy have in a society where food stamps and subsidized cell phones have replaced bread and circuses?