At AIPAC, Cantor Needles Administration's 'Pursuit of Comity with Israel's Foes'

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) warned the American Israel Public Affairs Committee gala tonight that he fears "some of our nation's leaders are complacent" about the threat posed to Israel and the west, illustrated by a preference for focusing on domestic issues over foreign policy.

"The alliance between the United States and Israel is often tested, but never shaken," Cantor said. "We've helped protect each other. We've helped protect our friends. And we've helped protect humanity."

He offered a special "salute" to Christians who joined the lobbying conference and said "thank you for standing with us to defend the gift that is Israel."

Cantor said he'd never questioned America’s historic support for the little guy against the bully -- until now.

"In the pursuit of comity with Israel's foes some will seek distance," he said. "These worries are not unfounded. Israel is under attack."

Even though the Iron Dome and other missile-defense systems supported by the administration are helpful, they're not panaceas and must be correct "100 percent of the time or Israelis die."

"True peace will mean an end to Iranian-backed weapons smuggled into Gaza," he stressed.

"Some in Washington hold the view that Iran is all bluster… but that impression is wrong," Cantor said.

Earlier in the day, Vice President Joe Biden stood on the same stage and loudly defended his boss, declaring "presidents of the United States cannot and do not bluff, and President Barack Obama is not bluffing" on Iran.

"We need to be clear-eyed that the nuclear talks with Iran cannot be unending," Cantor said. "America must be prepared to lead from the front and the challenge should not be Israel's alone to bear."

In Syria, the majority leader decried the slaughter of Syrians by Bashar al-Assad's regime that has resulted in "mass graves all too familiar to us Jews."

The U.S. can't simply "let the chips fall where they may" or disregard the revolution for fear of another enemy of the U.S. taking Assad's place, Cantor said. "We've got to be on the side of those looking to end Assad's tyranny ...without action we can guarantee that more innocent lives will be lost."

Post-Arab Spring, the region is in an "epic state of political transition and uncertainty," he added. "When there is no American leadership, there is no leadership."

"America's security depends on putting a stop to the bullying on the worldwide playground," Cantor summed up. "We must now and forever stand with Israel, or we risk losing the great promise of America."