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Assault in Lansing: Leftist Blogs Go Into 'False Flag' Mode, Mainstream Media Goes Silent

Here's the Google News page on Michigan passing right-to-work into law as of this morning.

You can click on the link and scroll down past the point at which my screen shot cuts off, but you won't see a single story about the IBEW union man's assault on Steven Crowder. You won't see any stories about the union thugs' intentional destruction of Americans for Prosperity's tent, with people inside. You won't see any stories about the Michigan Democratic Party's threat of "blood," which came from a Democrat state rep and was tweeted out on the Michigan Democratic caucus' official twitter feed. You won't see any of that. Jimmy Hoffa Jr.'s threat of civil war didn't make the cut either. The Obama White House's refusal to condemn the violence also gets no mention. Notice the photos, too. The union folks look calm and reasonable. The frame of the union man punching Steven Crowder ought to be there, but it isn't.

The closest you'll get to any negative take on the unions' behavior is a link to a Fox News story about how some of Michigan's unionized teachers abandoned their students to show up at Tuesday's violent rally.

It's not tough to figure out how the mainstream media can turn a hot story into a non-story through monolithic silence. Journolist proved beyond any doubt that many mainstream media figures collude with figures in the radical left-wing blogosphere to protect Democrats and their allies. As the union violence story gathered force Tuesday, Robert Stacy McCain noticed that blogs on the left started offering an alternative version of events. In their version of events, the entire AfP tent/assault on Crowder was some sort of "false flag" trick. The attackers, you see, were really attacking themselves. They claimed that the video was "edited," which is true of every single video ever taken since the dawn of video. A typical lens cannot capture a 360 degree environment. When someone points a camera at a particular object or person, they're editing most of the world out of the shot. When they zoom, they're focusing attention on a particular portion of the vista in a way that our eyes cannot naturally do. That's editing. The question is never whether a piece of video was "edited," the question is whether the editing misrepresented what really happened. In the case of the tent, the assault on Crowder, and the environment of intimidation and violence that the unions stirred up Tuesday, the editing was entirely fair to the facts. It happened.