Assad Gives U.S. Names of Fake Terrorists to Kill

"Hajji" is the nickname Syrians call those pious men who prayed in Makah; it is also the nickname Syrian lampoonists confer upon the most corrupt of men. So, it came as no surprise to many that Assad just asked "Hajji" Adel Safar, a hardcore Ba'athist and regime inner circle corruptible, to form the new Syrian government.

The chronology of how Syrians view the history of the last three weeks can be summarized in a few words: We revolted, Assad buckled. Clinton called Assad a reformer. Assad killed more Syrians, Clinton never recanted, and Assad never reformed. In other words: thank you Madame Secretary, for your vision and fortitude.

Many good articles and studies have been written on the root cause of Islamic terror. Some of the best I have read here on PJM itself. But if you wish to see how terrorism starts and why Assad gets unquestioned U.S. support, join me in watching this video of a young Syrian man being psychologically tortured. The video was made, we are told, to train other torturers on methodology.

The Reform Party of Syria (RPS) has learned that once the Assad factories of terror are done with this man and others, they are released into the hands of an imam wielding the Quran as a sword to gauge and invigorate his capacity to do harm. How? By telling these men Assad is supported by the U.S. and Israel, and they must attack the roots of the problem. Those with cojones are sent to places like Iraq to paint Assad's canvas of terror with their blood, and those who fail to materialize as worthy bombers are shipped to places like Yemen, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Here comes the best part: after expediting these hapless chaps to different neighboring countries, Assad provides their names to the U.S. intelligence community as part of an intelligence sharing program, knowing well their secrets will be buried forever by an accurate drone strike.

Assad makes them, uses them, and fools us with them to keep his regime afloat. Could this be the reason why Assad was called a "reformer" by Hilary Clinton?