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Ask Dr. Helen: Where Is Conservative Culture?

The election is over and everywhere you turn, people are saying that the Republican brand sucks, conservatives are on the way out, and free markets are over.

This is a hope on the part of liberals and not reality. Haven't people been saying that Democrats or Republicans were on the way out since, well, there have been Dems and Republicans? Conservative and libertarian ideas are still good ones, but ones that need to reach out to a wider audience in venues that they can appreciate.

My email question today has to do with where to find conservative culture:

Hello Dr. Helen,

I am just discovering Pajamas Media. What a nice surprise.  My question is where is the conservative culture? Conservative politics is fairly easy to find. What I am looking for is music, novels, tv, movies, magazines -- see what I mean? So much popular culture is lead by deadbeat celebrities. Perhaps Pajamas Media will evolve to fill this need. I hope so.

A Reader

Dear Reader,

You raise a good point: culture drives politics and not the other way around, at least in my opinion. Because of this, it is imperative that if conservative and libertarian ideas are to survive, we must educate people in ways that they can relate to -- and this means popular culture in the form of books, music, television, movies, and social groups, starting with education.