As Issa Closes in on FBI Role in Gunwalker, Dems Feign Outrage

The FBI, DEA and Justice Department have all attempted to stonewall the Oversight Committee investigation, and have refused to answer direct questions from other congressional committees and individual congressmen and senators as well.

With allegations of gun-walking operations in 10 cities in five states, the congressional reaction of a calm investigation is, if anything, subdued. As noted in a previous article, if we use Operation Fast and Furious as a baseline and assume that the other gunwalking operations were roughly as productive, the U.S. may have run between 10,000 and 20,00o guns to criminal organizations, enough weapons to outfit an entire U.S. Army infantry division.

The constant revelations of new documents and new testimony strongly suggest that President Obama, Attorney General Holder, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have not been forthright about what they knew of multiple plots carried out jointly by their agencies.

PJM reporter AWR Hawkins notes:

To date, their stories are not believable, and Obama’s pledge to discover who was behind Fast and Furious and hold them “accountable” is simply not trustworthy.

Even the reliably left-leaning Huffington Post tells readers they should be furious over Operation Fast and Furious:

Who in their right mind would think using criminals to smuggle thousands of guns in to Mexico was a good idea?

Our Justice Department refuses to reveal the creator or cost of Operation Fast & Furious. Why?

What the hell is going on in this country? And why don't our federal officials just man-up and admit when mistakes have been made?

The handful of apologists that still openly support the administration's gun-smuggling plot are left with little more than bombast, vitriol, and shallow, transparent attempts to smear the investigations that originated in the White House.

New claims suggest that the federal government had "prior knowledge" that poverty-stricken straw purchasers were about to start spending thousands of dollars at a time at Lone Wolf Trading Company, a gun dealer cooperating with the investigation. Lone Wolf's owner, Andre Howard, was allegedly told by ATF Agent Hope McAllister: "The amount of weapons you sell is about to dramatically increase."

This suggests that either the agents had inside intelligence on cartel buyers, or FBI criminal informants at the heart of the operation were directing the straw purchasers to Lone Wolf to spend money provided by the FBI.

All of the evidence that has come forward in recent months paints an increasingly detailed picture of a government gone mad, with top administration officials contributing willfully to a bloody criminal conspiracy.

It's a little late for faux outrage.