Armed for Battle: 10 Things Every Incoming Conservative Freshman Needs to Know

New high school graduates around the country have collected their diplomas and now turn their attention to preparing for college life. And there’s no shortage of advice available on everything from dorm room decor to picking classes to the dangers of binge drinking. As a long-time conservative and recent college graduate with a little sister now starting in the fall, I have thought long and hard about the facts and advice I wish someone had given me.

No, they aren’t avoid this restaurant, steer clear of x fraternity, or don’t take this general education course. They are basic principles that helped me survive college as a conservative. This is Armed for Battle: a brief course in keeping your sanity for every incoming freshman conservative.

Why is this “course” necessary for you to take? Most college students of our political persuasion would agree that life on campus isn’t always easy – and can even be downright miserable (*cough* University of Colorado at Boulder UC Berkeley American University *cough*). From the obsession with going green, to the obsession with social justice, to the obsession with diversity, to race and sexual orientation hypersensitivity -- you, class of 2016, will drown in a swamp of progressive collectivist nonsense from the first day of orientation to the final commencement speech, no matter your major.

So here’s my list to help you steer the course and make the traditional college experience enjoyable and productive, whether you’re pre-med, a theatre major, or really in the thick of it like I was at the University of Southern California as a political science major.

1. Read Conservative Publications

Knowing what’s going on and how to interpret it is half the battle. While it’s important that you read major newspapers like the Washington Post, USA Today, or the Los Angeles Times, you should also absorb conservative commentary on what’s happening. I considered myself a conservative throughout college, but I can’t tell you how many times I gained a valuable new perspective from reading a column by Jonah Goldberg or Victor Davis Hanson. National Review is one of the leading conservative publications around and well worth a subscription, as is The Weekly Standard. The Late Andrew Breitbart’s websites are also excellent for learning about leftist hypocrisy.