Arianna Huffington’s Insulting Treatment of Minorities

Is there anything inappropriate or offensive about a mainstream news website creating a separate section for African-Americans and another for Latinos? And is there really any difference between that sort of thing and the array of ethnic publications and websites -- Latino Magazine, Ebony, Jet, Hispanic Business, etc. -- that already dot the landscape?

The answers to both questions are: “Yes” and “Yes.”

Someone needs to explain this to Arianna Huffington, the founder and editor-in-chief of the wildly successful and unapologetically liberal Huffington Post. The New York-based website, which has an estimated worth of $200 million, does not publish enough African-American and Latino writers. This is not opinion. This is fact. No one argues it, least of all Huffington.

That’s an embarrassment in a country where minorities are on track to constitute the majority by 2030 -- despite the best efforts by nativists and the anti-immigration movement to reverse the trend. And it’s especially embarrassing in this case since liberals like Huffington consider themselves morally superior and are always more than ready to sermonize to the rest of us about our duty to embrace diversity.

They would do well to heed their own sermons before it’s too late. Any media entity -- website, newspaper, television network, etc. -- that doesn’t keep pace with changing demographics will eventually become irrelevant. Why would readers take the time to search out something that can tell them about the way America used to be, when they can opt for something that tells them how America is now and what it’s becoming?

So Huffington has a problem. The solution, she decided, is not to simply recruit more African-American and Latino writers to write for the website. That is too obvious. Anyone could do that. She wanted to do something really spectacular. So the Huffington Post is creating a special section of the website for African-Americans and another section for Latinos.

This kind of cyber-segregation is creepy. What’s next at this liberal watering hole? Segregated washrooms?

This is exactly the wrong path for Huffington to take. But it’s not entirely a surprising move. When liberals try to be more inclusive, they still can’t suppress their insatiable appetite for control. They have to preserve power. And that leads them to open the door of opportunity only a crack, which then reminds everyone just how restricted the main clubhouse really is.