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Are You Ready to Speak Out, America?

Personally, I believe there is nothing wrong with the American government that can’t be cured by the wisdom of the American people. The key is for Congress to start listening to the people and work with them on a new policy agenda.

In stark contrast to the backrooms and arrogance that symbolize those currently running Washington, House Republicans want to hear what you think should be a part of that agenda.

Central to this effort is a new online forum, AmericaSpeakingOut.com, where you can lend your voice to building a new agenda. Whether it’s on the economy, spending, values, national security, or another topic, we are asking Americans to speak out and help us build an agenda that reflects their priorities.

Using the best of social media, on AmericaSpeakingOut.com you are able to submit a policy solution, promote your priorities, debate the ideas posted by other Americans, and share the conversation with your friends and neighbors via Facebook and Twitter. It is our hope that AmericaSpeakingOut.com will become the home to an unprecedented online conversation between Americans and those elected to represent them.

Later this year, House Republicans will take the ideas from AmericaSpeakingOut.com and put together an historic agenda that can transcend politics and get America back on track.

Now is America’s time to speak out. Will you join us? Please go to AmericaSpeakingOut.com today and start a conversation about the ideas, principles, and values you care about. With your support and active participation, we can change Washington and keep this great republic our Founders bestowed to us.