Anti-Semitism and Israel Bashing? Must Be a European Parliament Paper

The European Parliament is much like the General Assembly of the United Nations: it was founded for symbolic rather than for pragmatic reasons; it costs taxpayers a lot of money (what we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly); its members “may not understand one another's speech (Genesis 11:7)”; its sessions are remarkably dull (while people around the world risk their lives in the fight for democracy, the European Parliament installs a working group whose task is to figure out ways to make debates “more interesting” in order to “improve attendance”); and it’s a well-oiled machine that spits out anti-Israel resolutions on a regular basis. Every few months, a couple of members of the European Parliament (MEPs) travel to Gaza; when they come back, they are shocked, appalled, and dismayed, and send letters of complaints to the Israeli government.

“The delegation was shocked by the ongoing deprivations suffered by the people in Gaza,” they wrote the last time. Not like home at all, huh? What went wrong? According to the travel program, the last delegation was accommodated in the Al Deira Hotel. From what can be seen on the hotel’s website, it’s a really nice one, and according to the guestbook, even Mia Farrow has spent some nights there. (You would certainly not ask her to recommend you a good movie, but as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she can be trusted when it comes to hotels). Was it the food? That’s unlikely:

Al Deira’s restaurant and Sea Terrace is one of Gaza’s treasures, where locals and hotel guests can relax in a unique, elegant environment against a backdrop of blue sky and sparking sea. At night the twinkling lights of fishing boats spread like a pearl necklace along the horizon. Al Deira’s kitchen offers an excellent variety of local and Mediterranean dishes, specializing in fresh seafood prepared by expert chefs, presented with style. In the cool shade of large white umbrellas our visitors can enjoy a full meal, dishes prepared a la carte, or simply one of our divine fresh fruit juices.

Al Deira is a top-notch location, but the true reason why Gaza is called the new dining hotspot is the famous Roots Club. The European delegation went there, too. Did they agree with “Ahmed,” who wrote in the guestbook: “Very glad to see things in Gaza are not as bad as they say on TV”? No. While enjoying the Roots Club’s “diverse and approachable cuisine of superb meats, pasta and seafood,” the MEPs couldn’t help but notice that “schools are still denied building material.”

And that’s not even the truth: The Israeli government allows the transfer of building materials, but only if they're used for the construction of Olympic-sized swimming pools. Obviously, the Zionists want to turn the Gaza strip into the world’s biggest aquatic center. At the same time they prohibit the transfer of golf balls, and thus breed discord between Gaza’s swimmers and golfers. What a cynical game.

750,000 people continue to need food aid from UNRWA.

Maybe the Roots Club should ponder the expansion in its key market?

300,000 of them are in abject poverty.

If true, that would amount to 20 percent, just like in Egypt (where no UN-sponsored agency provides free food).

What the European MPs are basically asking Israel to do is to erect a Scandinavian welfare state in Gaza. They spent a lot of taxpayer money for a vacation in a luxury resort (one night in Al Deira costs 150 dollars; use of business facilities and wireless internet connection are charged extra), only to publish another anti-Israel statement that they could have written before they even left. But should we jump to conclusions and call them a bunch of  hateful, misanthropic, hypocrite pricks?

Yes, exactly. The stated purpose of the visit:

To meet with the elected representatives of all political parties in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) in order to assess the living conditions in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, as well to discuss the issue of reconciliation.

In other words, they shook hands with Hamas terrorists, supported their PR efforts to demonize Israel, and mediated between rival terrorist groups in order to help them to focus on the common enemy. Who are these not-so-innocent innocents abroad? They belong to the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council (DPLC), which was founded right after the first elections to the Palestinian Legislative Council in 1996. When Hamas won the elections in 2006, the DPLC had to decide whether to either dissolve itself or to turn into a Delegation for relations with Hamas. It chose the latter. The DPLC embraced its new brother in arms, and called upon the world to support the “union government.”