Anti-Gun Groups Silent on Fast and Furious

PJ Media asked CSGV the following questions:

  • Does CSGV support the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Operation Fast and Furious?
  • Does CSGV hold the Obama administration responsible for implementing a gunwalking program that has led to 300-plus deaths so far?

Like Brady, CSGV refused to provide a response. I noted their ongoing silence at my personal blog several weeks ago:

If the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Brady Campaign really represented sincere efforts to end gun violence, then they should have been two of the organizations leading the charge for accountability here. Brady and CSGV should wage a public relations war, helping the House and Senate investigators, and demanding answers and accountability from the Obama administration.

Why the Obama administration was willing to facilitate these murders is an answer currently being obscured by the Department of Justice and an attorney general that may soon face charges of perjury and contempt of Congress for his role in the plot and it’s cover-up. There are several theories of why the Obama administration ran with this murder-dependent plot, but none dispute that the shootings of Mexican citizens was an inherent part of the plot.

These organizations remain graveyard silent as the bodies continue to fall. Far from fighting gun violence, they use their silence to enable it.

The newest of the three gun-control organizations, Mayors against Illegal Guns, recently attacked me on Twitter for criticizing gun-control advocates regarding their silence:

I offered Mr. Glaze a chance to post a rebuttal to my post on my site. He promptly passed. I pressed his organization for comment regarding the appointment of a special prosecutor or holding the Obama administration responsible for the hundreds of deaths resulting from Operation Fast and Furious. His organization declined to comment on these questions as well.