Anti-Americanism is always the storyline in Hollywood

It seems that Hollywood a href=""has some new hot subject matter/a now with the current economic downturn:br /br /blockquoteHollywood has found its new hot subject matter: the global economic /br /Until recently, the slump had only been bad news for the movie industry as financial backers pulled out of what are often high-risk ventures. But the studios have now had time to develop proposals for pictures about the financial chaos, inspiring a clutch of big-budget films over the next year. /blockquotebr /br /Naturally the films will be anti-American and how we got in this mess because of--you guessed it--the American corporate "empire" supported by the Republican /br /If we are still having economic bad times (which I doubt, because Obama will be in) next year with Obama as president, I wonder how Hollywood will explain that? I am just hoping that so many of the studios are out of business, we won't have to find out.