Another Stupid Quiz

Okay, a href=""the anchoress /asucked me into this quiz and I don't even watch South Park:br /br /table border=0 bgcolor=black cellspacing=2 cellpadding=10tr bgcolor=whitetd align=centerBa href= color=#505A84Which South Park kid are you most like?/font/a/Bpfont color=#505A84 size=4bTweek/b/fontpYou are extremely hyper... mainly because of your high caffiene intake. You feel like you're under too much href= alt="Personality Test Results" border=0 src=""/a/td/trtrtd align=centera href= face=verdana size=2 color=whitebClick Here to Take This Quiz/B/font/abrfont size=1 color=C0C0C0 face=verdanaBrought to you by a href= quizzes and personality tests./font/td/tr/tablebr /br /br /Anyone out there watch South Park--who is this Tweek fellow? Is he lame?