Another Day, Another Shameless Smear of Breitbart

With the Anthony Weiner scandal, the story within was the lack of integrity of the MSM in their attacks on Breitbart and defense of Weiner. Here, we have several people associated with Netroots Nation showing the same lack of integrity, trying to tear down … the exact same man.

They made this story about Breitbart, when the story was about a drunk man who allegedly shouted horrible things at Muslim women. They took the shamelessness further by trying to demonize the RightOnline convention with a press stunt.

Ms. Boudlali wrote about the incident on her blog in a post titled: “Hate, Racism, and Islamophobia take a trip to Minneapolis.” Within the post, she embedded video of the night in question. While it does not show any comments directed at Muslim women, it does clearly show a man who identifies himself as John Gilmore, with Netroots Nation attendees all around. At one point it shows a woman being rather aggressive with Mr. Gilmore: she prevents him from walking on the sidewalk and even follows him across the street.

Boudlali's post takes exception to my questions, and fabricates what happened at the press conference. She states: "However, when we tried to go back, we were surrounded by media from both conferences and could not leave the premises."

This is false. As the video shows, Netroots Nation attendees were blocking the path to the escalators. A simple "excuse me" from the women should have sufficed; her statement that they “could not leave” is contradicted by the video she embeds.

This same narrative appeared in a piece on Daily Kos written by Una Spenser. She says she was the spokesperson at the press conference: "One man kept ramming into my back with his camera. As some of you know, I have a neurological disorder. I feel things more sharply than others, so this was painful. And I have lost sensation in my feet, making my balance precarious, so I was worried I would be pushed over. In short, it was intimidating."

Ms. Spenser came to the RightOnline conference and brought bloggers from Netroots Nation with her to hold a press event smearing them. If she felt intimidated, then based on the facts this is due to her own actions. Was she honestly surprised to receive probing questions at a press conference she was the spokesperson for? Her mention of physical ailments has no bearing on the story, her actions, or the actions of those around her. For the record, PJTV did not touch anyone with a camera; no one's back was "rammed."

As to the idea, in both articles, that they received aggressive questioning from me: watch the entire video. I ask questions, I wait for answers. When I do not get an answer, I repeat the question. I can be seen speaking to the man in orange, with the microphone right in front of him, my mouth closed, waiting for his response to be completed. This is not aggressive questioning, this is standard reporting.

Which was evident nowhere among the NRN attendees involved in this incident.

Watch Tony Katz's interview about this incident on the PJTV Report here.