Another Clark County Cop Kills and Walks

In short, Clark County residents have no reason to trust a police force and sheriff's department that "polices itself" by protecting itself, and which stands accused of evidence tampering and covering up the circumstances surrounding homicides.

We know that Ruslan Zhgenti died in the home he once shared with his newly estranged wife, cut down by four bullets from her suspected lover. They claim he had a gun. They claim he brandished it. That is entirely their contention. Zhgenti died without issuing a statement, and without having fired a bullet.

Frankly, we can't know for sure if he was armed at the time of this death. One could speculate that the pistol, being one of two he owned, was one he had left behind for his wife's protection that only found its way to him again after he died. It's incredibly inflammatory to make such sinister suggestions ... but people have. What's more, people will, and they will continue to mistrust the police when there is little or no reason for citizens to think that their police are held accountable for their actions.

The public deserves accountability. Good cops deserve respect from the public. Both good cops and the public deserve far better than the rigged jury that is the current Clark County inquest system, and a local law enforcement community that engages in self-serving investigations that don't pretend to be balanced, much less adversarial and just.

Timur Durdyev, Zhgenti's brother, puts it bluntly: "He was murdered." Sadly, we can't trust the system to know if he is right or wrong. Clark County law enforcement can't be trusted to investigate their own:

Henderson police concluded that the Sept. 17 incident involving Little was a "valid self-defense case" and did not recommend charges to the district attorney's office.

"So they investigate one of their own," [a local] exclaimed, "and the only two witnesses are people involved in the incident. And they exonerate him? How is it possible justice was served?"

Justice was not served here. Justice cannot be served if the justice system is corrupt, regardless of the law and the facts.

Ruslan Zhgenti is dead. No judge was assigned to his case, and no jury will hear it. He met only his executioner, and a sentence beyond appeal and apparently beyond the law.