Another Blogfest

Last night, Glenn and I attended another blogfest for Tennessee bloggers at Calhoun's. The turnout was smaller than the last one, but the bloggers in attendence were an interesting bunch and a couple of new people showed up whom I had not met before. I joined Glenn in talking with gunblogger, Tam, who has a terrific blog at a href=""View From the Porch blog/a and her friend, who is a gunsmith. Most of the discussion centered around a href=""zombies and shotguns /a as well as various strategies for dealing with school shooters. The gunsmith had a good strategy to avoid a mass shooting, don't go to universities where you can't carry. Fine for some folks, but not all of us can avoid them. My thoughts: shouldn't a "free society" that allows the mentally ill and others--a href=""even criminals/a--to attend colleges without constraints (or at most, a form asking the student to vouch for whether they have a criminal or disciplinary record--yeah, criminals etc. generally answer truthfully) also allow others to freely protect themselves or be liable for injuries if they do not? br /br /It was a fun evening and as always, I learned a little bit more about my fellow bloggers, their personality quirks (in a good way, of course!) and their individual interests in blogging.