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Announcing a New PJ E-book from Victor Davis Hanson

Today, PJ Media is pleased to announce the launch of our latest Victor Davis Hanson Collection, The Decline and Fall of California: From Decadence to Destruction. Order your copy of this e-book on Amazon.com today!

The Decline and Fall of California: From Decadence to Destruction collects Victor Davis Hanson’s best writing on California’s crisis of culture. Focusing on three themes with enduring relevance—water, immigration, and the rural way of life—Hanson deftly dissects the ruins of the Golden State. California’s crisis is America’s crisis: the same policies and mental dissonance that have eroded California’s prosperity threaten the rest of the country if left unchecked.

In California, an out-of-touch liberal leadership has made life worse for average citizens of the state, both the poor and the shrinking middle class. For all the exalted talk about the people, the environment, and the proverbial “little guy,” few in government craft policies to help the majority of the state. In particular, on matters of illegal immigration, water policy, and culture, cocooned elites rarely face the logical consequences of their own ideology. The Decline and Fall of California unwinds the story of how California came to this moment, and offers insight into why the rest of the nation should be wary of the same influences in Washington, DC. The Decline and Fall of California is the second Victor Davis Hanson collection from PJ Media, following his collection on the war on terror, Seductions of Appeasement, also available on Amazon.

The Decline and Fall of California is available today: click here to order.

the decline and fall of california