Animal Farm: The Harsh Rhetoric of Anti-Immigration Republicans

To recap, some Republicans see illegal immigrants as comparable to cows, rats, dogs, grasshoppers, cockroaches, and livestock. Certainly not human, and not deserving of the respect or dignity reserved for humans.

This is offensive, but it isn’t original. The Germans, Chinese, Irish, Italians, Jews, and other immigrants were all seen as inferior to current inhabitants. It didn’t matter whether they came legally, illegally, or with a letter of recommendation from the queen of England. All that mattered was that they were different from what was already here, and the differences scared enough people to make for a frosty welcome.

It’s cute that some Republicans have such fondness for the animal kingdom. With demographics shifting as they are, and a string of defeats headed their way for decades to come, Republicans might eventually go the way of another creature that couldn’t adapt to changing surroundings: the dinosaur.