Anger Is Now Hardened into Resolve

This time last year, the biggest names in media were still openly deriding tea parties, that is, when they were bothering to pay the movement any attention whatsoever. In only one year, the tea party movement has gone from the force liberals loved to ignore, to the force they loved to mock with their own vulgar epithets. It has has now become the force they grudgingly respect in the way liberals love best: open hate.

Polls show that Americans favor the tea party movement over the establishment of both the R & the D mega-parties. Whether one is able to participate physically in a tea party isn’t even an indicator of this groundswell of support -- which tells any political pulse-taker that the massive tea parties are the mere tip of an iceberg that threatens to shake the seats of power not only in D.C., but in every state house, town council, and school board across the country.

An odd army of homemakers, empty-nested moms and dads, retired fellows, businessmen who’ve lost their businesses, and various other regular folks have taken on the elitist establishment from their living rooms, using phones and laptops to produce the most viable political movement seen in this country since the civil rights movement. The exasperated anger seen at townhalls last summer has now hardened into resolve.

When did this hardening of the national will occur?

March 21, 2010.

That was the day the entirely partisan Democrat Congress gave President Obama final passage of his signature legislation. That was the day Barack and Rham high-fived it in the Oval Office and sacrificed the fortunes of an entire political party and the will of the nation on the altar of Barack’s trinity of me, myself and I. That was the day on which national anger became resolve.

The nation told the Democrats not to pass the health care bill. Americans were not fooled by any of the lying Democrat rhetoric about cutting costs, saving the economy, or making our health care delivery system better. Americans saw the health care bill as the power grab it was from nearly the beginning.

The majority of voters had taken Barack Obama at his word before the election, that the health care debate would be slow, deliberate, and open on C-SPAN for all to see. The majority put their trust in the president’s promise to conduct “transparent” government with a cautious eye towards deficits and debt. Without even bothering to read a bill that would literally take over one sixth of the entire American economy and put it into the hands of unelected bureaucrats -- and out of the hands of the people -- the Democrats wheeled-dealed, cheated and lied their way to the vote. It was an utter sham and the people knew it.

All the other power-grabs -- taking over auto companies and banks and insurance companies -- might have left the Democrats out of the electoral tsunami zone, but the health care power grab sealed their coming fate.

The health care bill, foisted upon an unwilling American public, has become this era’s Intolerable Act. Just as King George and his elitist parliament pushed our ancestors beyond their breaking point, so has the modern Democrat cabal of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. These are names that will live in American infamy.