And Franken Makes 60

As a political writer and blogger, I applaud the decision of the Minnesota Supreme Court that effectively made Alan Stuart Franken the junior senator from Minnesota for the next six years.

Of course, it's not such a good thing for Republicans, considering that the Democrats have added another body to their already huge majority. But Franken in the Senate will pay dividends for both the party and us bloggers far into the future, as long as he remains above ground and has the ability to open his mouth -- all the better to stick his foot in it.

Al Franken is a bat guano crazy liberal who has more in common with the wild-eyed radical leftist fringe of the Democratic Party than your run-of-the-mill liberal like John Kerry or Ted Kennedy. But what will make him such a great target will be his rabid, unbridled, hateful partisanship. Al Franken has made it crystal clear in his incarnations as comedy writer, radio host, and author that he loathes Republicans and conservatives. It is a pathological, almost clinical condition that will explode from time to time in bitter denunciation of the opposition, supplying bloggers and commentators with a cornucopia of material.

And lest we forget (actually, it was never publicized), Franken's psychosis extends to a hatred of Christians -- especially Catholics. I can laugh at some jokes at the expense of Christians as long as they are in reasonably good taste and avoid defaming Christ or Christian symbolism. Such restraints have never been a part of Franken's shtick.

This piece by Katherine Kersten in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune last October should be dusted off and examined -- especially by Franken's new colleagues -- now that he is about to have a seat in the "greatest deliberative body in the world:"

Franken finds Christ’s crucifixion to be a barrel of laughs. For example, in his 1999 book, Why Not Me? he wrote about his discovery — as a fictional former president — of “the complete skeleton of Jesus Christ still nailed to the cross” during an archeological dig. At the Franken Presidential Library gift shop, visitors can buy “small pieces of Jesus’ skeleton.”

“We would like to display Jesus’ skeleton at some future point,” Franken went on. “It’s merely a matter of designing and building an exhibition space. … Until then he’s very comfortable in a box down in our basement near the geothermal power station.”

It isn't that Franken didn't know his spiel would offend people. The transgression is that he knew full well it was a hurtful thing to write and he did it anyway. Imagine a personality like that in the Senate, a most collegial body and dependent on each member being tolerant to a fault.

His bigotry against Catholics is, if anything, even more nauseating:

In 2006, he and a guest on his Air America radio show joked about Eucharistic communion wafers — sacred to Catholics as the body of Christ — and compared them to chips and guacamole. In “Dog Confessional,” a proposed sketch for Saturday Night Live, Franken depicted “a series of dogs, played by cast members, confessing to a priest,” according to the Washington Post. NBC refused to air it.

In another book, Franken described greeting a New York audience with the words, “Isn’t Cardinal O’Connor an asshole?”