An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Speaking practically, I strongly advise you to abide faithfully by your “100 days” address at Gettysburg and do everything possible by legislative means to monitor a bone-bred adversary that cannot be defeated but may be contained. As you promised, you must expose corruption and guile, halt the regulatory debauch of the previous administration, indict criminals whose acts are arguably treasonous, pursue those who reject the democratic process, foment violence, and publicly advocate assassination—in other words, you must stay true to the course you have charted. If you really wish, as you have said, to “drain the swamp” and to “begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the American dream,” such is the path you must resolutely tread.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not proposing political suppression, police state tactics, or any sort of totalitarian procedure. I am suggesting legitimate means via the courts, administrative policy and public opinion to root out, not dissent and debate, which should be welcome, but misuse of public funds, media collusion with political parties, electoral fraud, the mobilizing of government agencies against perceived rivals or challengers, and open calls to revolutionary subversion.

Mr. Trump, the time has come to do political and cultural battle, not to propose or settle for a truce with those who endanger the survival of the republic and who are relentless in their enmity. You must be even more relentless in your effort to revisit the Fifth Labor of Hercules and clean the Augean Stables that American politics has become. The opportunity is there. Do not squander it.