An Illustrated Guide to Obama's Gun-Grabbing

Barack Obama's desire to ban "all forms" of semi-autos would ban firearms such as the Remington 1100 and 11-87, the Stoeger 2000, the Benelli Black Eagle, and other semi-automatic shotguns favored for shooting sports ranging from trap and skeet target shooting, to dove and duck hunting.


Barack Obama's desire to ban "all forms" of semi-autos would ban the "AR" series of rifles, the best-selling centerfire semi-auto rifle design in the United States, commonly used in target competitions, hunting, and plinking, merely because it bears a family resemblance to the military machine gun, the M16.


In addition, Barack Obama is a strong proponent of reinstating the failed 1994 "assault weapons" ban, one of the most ineffectual laws passed in congressional history. Despite recent attempts to rewrite the history of what the law accomplished, the ban did not ban the manufacture, possession, or sale of semi-automatic firearms, did not ban the sale or possession of high-capacity magazines, and had the unintended consequence of creating an entirely new class of subcompact pistols designed for concealed carry.

How ineffectual was the so-called "assault weapons" ban Obama supports reinstating?


The firearm on the left is the "pre-ban" Tec-9 pistol, one of those firearms outlawed for manufacture under the ban. On the right is the AB-10 (AB mockingly standing for "after ban"), functionally the exact same firearm, minus just the scary-looking cosmetic feature of a barrel shroud. The overwhelming majority of weapons "outlawed" by the so-called "ban" were already in gun shops in minimally modified legal configurations before the ban even became law. Sales never slowed, and for many models they increased.

The ban had no measured effect on crime. The freshman senator has never explained why he continues to support a failed law.

Obama has since dishonestly contested the issue, but his handwritten notes on a 1996 questionnaire show that he advocated a hardline position against handguns in Illinois, favoring a "ban [on] the manufacture, sale, and possession of handguns." He noted no exceptions.

Rare collectible antiques? Ban them.


Handguns suitable for concealed carry by citizens who have undergone background checks comparable to those of law enforcement officers? Ban them. Handguns used for hunting, competitions, or informal target practice? Ban them. Economical handguns purchased for family defense against intruders in crime-infested neighborhoods? Ban them.


As a point of fact, a careful reading of Barack Obama's campaign website shows he does not recognize armed self-defense as a right at all, only explicitly recognizing "guns for the purposes of hunting and target shooting."

Barack Obama might concede that some firearms are permissible.


Keep in mind, however, that Obama's on-the-record positions would support cities and states outlawing even those, lawsuits against gun owners if guns were stolen from their homes and were not "properly stored," lawsuits against manufacturers if firearms were used in a crime, and the banning of gun shops within five miles of a school or park, forcing the majority of gun dealers out of business.

Barack Obama claims he "will protect the rights of hunters and other law-abiding Americans."

This is a bold claim made by a man with a record that suggests just the opposite.