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An Explanation

Something has been puzzling me for a very long time, it seems.

First, we had the announcement that Obama had presided over the smallest increase in spending of any President since Eisenhower.  When closely examined, we find that this is only true if all spending in 2009 is attributed to George Bush.

Earlier this week, President Obama insisted "Fast and Furious" started under President Bush. "Fast and Furious" started with a DoJ teleconference on October 29, 2009.

On Friday, Chris Matthews (on Bill Maher HBO show) said "Unemployment was well past 10 percent" when Obama took office; it turns out that unemployment only reached 10 percent once, in October 2009. (And it's not been "well past 10 percent" since 1982-83.)

I think the evidence is accumulating: Barack Obama didn't actually take office until sometime around Thanksgiving 2009.