An Election to Decide the Imminent Destiny of the United States

November 2 is the moment when the imminent destiny of the United States will begin to be decided. What we are observing is not so much an election as a kind of plebiscite on the presidency of Barack Obama and the direction in which he has taken the country. His name may not be on the ballot, but his name is stamped, as it were, on the forehead of every Democratic candidate -- even those who are desperately trying to distance themselves from his proclamatory eminence.

There is no need to rehearse at any length the damage his administration has inflicted upon the country it was elected to serve. The gamut of national ills, from looming insolvency to the pervasive miscarriage of justice to the nationalization of industries to redistributive economics to electoral fraud to permeable frontiers to the betrayal of allies to the shameful appeasement of enemies, has been addressed innumerable times, and in far more meticulous detail than attempted here, by many competent analysts and political commentators.

If the GOP, or rather, the conservative impetus and groundswell we are observing across the country, is thwarted by leftist agitprop, Sorosite interventions (the ACORN doesn’t fall far from the tree), and the Zimbabwe tactics so dear to the left that are currently being plied, then what David Norcross, chair of the Republican National Lawyers Association, has called a voter-fraud epidemic," would re-arrange the American political landscape beyond recognition.

The array of “dirty tricks” -- voter intimidation at the polling stations, illegal on-site electioneering, delayed military ballots, quota registration, names of deceased, illegitimate, under-aged, and invented people on the voting rolls, fraudulent lawsuits, bribes, supporting fake tea party candidates to siphon off Republican ballots -- has been abundantly documented. Take away the average American’s assumption “that one person, one vote can make a difference,” warns Rich Trzupek, “and America will become a much different nation.”

Indeed, if the Democratic left gets its way, we may be seeing the end of the great American experiment in republican and constitutional governance and saying hello to an EU-style socialist pseudo-democracy, which is bound to fail abysmally, as it has on the gradually sinking European continent. If Americans wish to live in a country that resembles the UK, Spain, Greece, France, or Sweden, with their (variously) faltering economies, bureaucratic stultification, double-digit unemployment, and/or fraying social fabric, they should consider moving there rather than transforming the United States into a European clone. Why ape mediocrity? Why buy a lemon?

As many now seem justifiably to believe, an electoral victory for the left is not the nail in the coffin. It is the coffin. The enormity of what is happening today in the governing echelons of the United States is so unprecedented as to be almost unthinkable. There is an obvious Alinskyite in the White House who appears determined to “fundamentally transform” his country; in other words, to dismantle it. Having taught Alinsky’s methods and principles in workshops, Obama has applied Alinsky’s rule # 13 to the country itself. He has picked his target, frozen it, personalized it, and polarized it. We know that Obama was a “community organizer,” but according to his mentor, “An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent.” An “organizer” has a revolutionary program and is intentionally divisive.  An “organizer” is not a patriot.