An Appeal to President Sarkozy to Save Libya

Taken together, these four measures will allow you to protect the Libyan people and terminate the capacity for violence of their former tyrant.

Mr. President, the United States and France share common ideals. In the harbor of the city where I was born, there stands a goddess holding a torch, given to the people of the America by the people of France, celebrating our shared devotion to human liberty. Her sister still resides in France. At the dawn of our republic, you helped us survive our perilous birth with aid of funds, troops, and battleships. We then repaid that debt in full, twice over, during the 20th century, when we were strong and it was France who needed our help. Now, apparently, the tables have turned again, and we must appeal to you once more.

Liberty must have her champion. In the past, America served her bravely in that role, but now that is no longer possible. Our dear Uncle Sam has had a nervous breakdown. So Marianne must pick up her spear. Hopefully, this situation will only last another 22 months. But in the meantime,

Vive la France!