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American Freedom Alliance Conference: Countering Global Governance

Today, although few advocates discuss a world government in which a single political entity would govern all humanity, a sophisticated and extremely well-financed movement to advance global governance has taken root in most Western countries. Insisting on using the UN as a conduit for enacting international protocols and regulations -- almost all of which would override national legislation -- globalists use international environmental accords, humanitarian law, and international treaties as vehicles to advance an agenda that is becoming increasingly aggressive and unwilling to brook opposition.

This well-financed campaign designed to strip sovereign governments of their ability to regulate and monitor human rights and environmental protection has naturally put the globalist agenda on a collision course with constitutional democracy. Put simply, transnationalists in the UN and the European Union -- and more importantly, among America’s elites -- are using the demands for a global rule of law to make American constitutional law subservient to a global authority. In many respects, they are succeeding.

To examine how this is happening and what the consequences might be for the United States and other Western nations, the American Freedom Alliance has convened a two-day conference in Los Angeles titled “Global Governance vs. National Sovereignty: Is It the West’s Next Great Ideological War?

Drawing upon an international list of speakers and panelists with representatives from Australia, Central Europe, the UK, and France, the conference will cover the full range of issues regarding the global governance movement’s assault on national sovereignty: the politicization of international law, the uses and abuses of “lawfare,”  and the role of non–governmental organizations as purveyors of global rule.