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America Values Chick-Fil-A, and the Freedom of Speech and Religion (And More Updates)

Dan M. sends these photos from South Carolina. You can see through the windows in the second photo that the dining room is packed, and the line to order is out the door.

Clayton Cramer sends this photo from Boise State University. He wishes to thank the loving, tolerant tyrants of the left for introducing him to a new chicken spot. Note to Clayton: The chicken at the freestanding restaurants is always better than at the food court versions.

Dick C. sends in this photo from Georgetown, TX. Dick reports: At 1:00 we went for lunch today at the CFA in Wolf Ranch Shopping Center. My wife and I had to park in the adjacent mall parking lot and walk over. We stood in line for 35 minutes to order. The drive-thru had cars going back out to Hwy 29. The lines snaked all through the restaurant. The greeter said it had been like that since they opened at 6:30 am.

Steve N., Plano, TX:

Ann K. sends a link to a slideshow of the lines in Bryan/College Station, TX (home of the Aggies), and a news story about the local response to the Chick-Fil-A appreciation day.

And it's evident today that Chicago values chicken, along with the freedom to think for oneself. Seriously.

Pro-tip for the Chick-Fil-A haters: If you're really trying to persuade anyone to your point of view, you're doing it wrong.

Update: Los Angeles TV report. Pat Boone was there to get lunch. According to a tweet that flashed by, the CFA in Paramus, NJ, served more than 3,000 people today and had to send people out to buy more buns.

Update: Georgia. You have to see the drive-thru line to believe it.

Update: Greg C. sends this image from Phoenix, AZ, along with this report: About an hour wait. 108 degrees.  Employees brought out umbrellas water and free food.

My sister texted me earlier to tell me that the customer in front of her "paid forward" for her ticket, and that the CFA clerk told her that people had been doing the same all day long. My sis didn't break the chain.