America Drowns, But Obama Throws the Mideast Our Life Preserver

Taking a brief timeout from his perennial campaign, Obama has given a big speech on the Middle East. It's not surprising how many billions more dollars Obama wants in his quest to save the world with our money.

None of that really matters, though, to the struggling American who's out of work, on food stamps, facing double-digit inflation in every necessity of life, or fed up to his neck hearing Obama brag about getting bin Laden.

Forget the speech, dear readers. I’ll give you the whole thing in a nutshell:

America drowns while Obama throws our own life preserver to the Middle East.

Nothing this stupid, of course, is ever attempted by people using their own money. This special kind of stupid is reserved to those writing checks on other people’s bank accounts.

America is drowning in debt and the adolescent president makes another round of impossible-to-keep promises to the world he thinks he can save.

What is the very first law of life-saving? This is not hard stuff.

The very first law -- the unbreakable natural law -- is: a drowning person cannot save another. That’s cannot, as in “is not able.” A drowning person trying to save another merely dooms both to death -- more quickly.

This is the same law which operates on airplanes. It goes against the grain of altruism. Which is why the airlines always put extra emphasis on the life-savers law when giving the safety lecture before takeoff. As all wise readers -- especially frequent flyers -- are aware, the flight attendant takes special time to advise passengers that when the oxygen masks pop out, one must act contrary to one’s altruistic instincts and apply one’s own oxygen mask first -- before attempting to help another, whether an elderly person or one’s own child seated nearby.

This is not selfishness. It’s life-saving 101.

What the flight attendants don’t need to spell out is what will happen if you ignore this simple rule. If you don’t put your oxygen mask on first -- idiot! -- you will most likely pass out before you can save either your kid or yourself!

The same natural law, of course, applies to mothers of newborns. Good doctors are very aware of the mother’s inclination to deprive herself of essential sleep and nourishment to serve the needs of her wholly dependent infant. New mothers are known to practically collapse under the weight of maternal instinct, if not heavily cautioned on the natural laws of preservation. If the mother so exhausts herself and does not tend to her own needs first, her infant stands a much-diminished chance of surviving and thriving. This is not rocket science, but it goes against the grain of the maternal instinct and so must be stated -- often many times -- before the first-time mother actually gets it.

There’s an old expression that serves good purpose here. Be careful that you don’t become so heavenly that you’re no earthly good.